The Beginning - Hydroponic Curtain

The Crescent Collective formed in 2012 as a result of a class called Interdisciplinary Collaborations - The Biological Body, taught by Diane Willow at the University of Minnesota. We were attracted to working together due to our shared interest in food sources, growing processes, and food justice. We wanted to explore a manner in which plants and produce could be grown in cities, both in residential and public spaces. Horizontal spaces that will support plants only make up a small amount of the spaces that humans occupy in the city and are often at a high premium. As a result of this limitation, we became interested in hydroponics as a method that allowed growing without dirt. Hydroponics also allow us to utilize vertical surfaces as places for growth. Our desire to create interesting spaces within the skyway system, by their nature transitional spaces, while also providing access to edibles and greenery to those who use it, spawned the Hydroponic Curtain. 

Below are initial concept sketches of the curtain.  Click image to cycle through photos


We decided we would work with black and white poly, a common material used for gardening, to form the "cloth" for the curtain. We used a sonic welder to "sew" the seams of the curtain. 

In order to lend structure and support to the curtain, we created "ribs" that we sewed into the curtain. 

Installation and testing.